Intelligent Listening Checklist
Play some music and use this version of the checklist to practice Intelligent Listening. Answer as many questions as you can. If you include your name and e-mail address and click the Send button at the end of the form, you'll get credit for your work.
E-mail address:
Song Title:
Release Date:
(Not necessarily the date of the recording)
Important and relevant background information:

Why did you choose this record to analyze:

Most obvious Stylistic Idioms (what you heard that made you choose the above atyle):

e.g. Loud Vocals and Guitar - Heavy Metal or Hard Rock; Percussion oriented - Dance; Lyrics spoken not sung - Rap; Certain type of beat- Hip Hop or House
Any characteristic(s) of other styles:
Analysis diagram: (e.g. A B A B C A B B)
Type of Form: Verse-Chorus , 32-Bar Song , 12-Bar Blues , Giant A , Other
Record Ending: Fade out , Definite (Cold)
Length of record: (e.g. 3:52)
Tempo: (e.g. Allegro, Adagio, etc.)
Is the tempo consistent: Yes , No . If it changes, where and how does it change:
Meter: (e.g. Duple, Triple, Quadruple, etc.)
Which instrument(s) is/are "keeping the beat":
Any repeating rhythmic patterns: (e.g. Drums, Bass, etc.)
Is there an obvious backbeat (accented 2nd and 4th beats)? Yes , No
Level: (e.g. piano, forte, etc.)
Are the dynamics consistent? Yes , No . If they change, where and how:
The record is primarily: consonant dissonant
Timbre and Vocals
What instruments and/or sounds do you hear:
What is/are the most important instrument(s):
Vocals (if applicable): (e.g. Male/Female, Group/Solo)
Vocal Quality: (e.g. Shouter, Singer, Squeaky, Raspy, etc.)
Any background vocals: Yes , No . If yes, what and where do they sing:
Lyrics (if applicable)
What is the song about:
Do the lyrics make sense: Yes, No
Conclusion (Your ideas and opinions)
Outstanding characteristic of the record: e.g. Vocals, Rhythm, etc.
Mood of the song:
Do you like the record. Explain why:
How does the song make you feel: