Intelligent Listening Checklist

Listen to a record and use this short version of the checklist to practice Intelligent Listening. Answer as many questions as you can.

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E-mail address:

Song Title:
Is the music fast or slow (Tempo): (e.g. Allegro, Adagio, etc.)
Meter: (e.g. Duple, Triple, Quadruple, etc.)
Is there an obvious backbeat (accented 2nd and 4th beats): Yes , No
Is the music loud or soft (Dynamics): (e.g. piano, forte, etc.)
What instruments and/or sounds do you hear:
Vocals (if applicable): (e.g. Male/Female, Group/Solo)
What are the lyrics about (if applicable):
Outstanding characteristic of the record: (e.g. Vocals, Rhythm, etc.)
Mood of the song:
Do you like the record? Explain why: