MUS 1P • Department of Music • Fall 2017

Introduction to Musical Concepts

LIU Post • Long Island University

For the Quiz on November 15

Some notes on the take-home essay

Question: As discussed in class, describe the stylistic idioms of two different styles (genres) of music.

Pick two styles of music and for each style try to describe its stylistic idioms, i.e. the sounds that help define the sound of that style. Focus on the idioms found in the following elements of typical songs in each style:

  1. The rhythm or beat used in the song
  2. The instruments used (and what they are playing. Can you find the words to describe that?)
  3. The sound of the instruments
  4. The vocal quality of the singer
  5. The mood of the song
  6. The lyric content of a typical song

If you don't think there are typical songs in each style then mention the varieties of sounds you hear in the above areas for each style.

Although we can't really use tempo, dynamics, mood and lyric content to determine the style of a record, we can still use them to describe a style, or at least typical songs in that style.

There should be at least one paragraph on each style.

The essay should be typed and doubled-spaced. The length should be around one side of a page. Remember - if you include historical information about a style, make sure you include enough information about the characteristics of the style so you answer the given question. Focus on the characteristics, not the history, of each style.

Note: discuss two styles of music, not two specific records.


The reading material for this quiz consists of selected chapters in Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 of our Ebook. Follow the syllabus.

Make sure you take the time to listen to the listenting examples provided in these chapters. Hearing these excerpts should help you better understand the terms and concepts covered in the chapters and maybe even help you remember them as your ears hear what you have just read about.

If you have any questions about the material or the quiz, e-mail me.