MUS 14A • Department of Music • Fall 2017

Introduction to Music Technology

LIU Post • Long Island University

  1. Run ACID XPress
  2. Open project or create new project
  3. Locate loops folder and navigate around it
  4. Set project tempo and key
  5. Preview loops and stop preview playback
  6. Create new loop track
  7. Enable snapping and set snap grid resolution
  8. Draw loop
  9. Change loop length
  10. Change loop starting position
  11. Move loop
  12. Use the play/stop/rewind buttons (also use the spacebar to start/stop playback)
  13. Change the playback starting position (i.e. move the cursor)
  14. Set volume for a track
  15. Set pan for a track
  16. Solo a track
  17. Mute a track
  18. Set project volume to avoid distortion and clipping
  19. Insert a Marker
  20. Insert a Tempo/Key Change
  21. Raise or lower the pitch of a clip
  22. Save project file as a normal project or an acid-zip file
  23. Render project as an audio file