Chapter 8 Listening Examples
Applied Harmony and Counterpoint II
MUS 91, Fall 2000


As demonstrated in class, you can use this WORD file to make it easier to access the listening examples on the textbook CD.

  1. Click this link to download this file (334K). If prompted to open or save the file, save it. If your browser automatically opens the file, make sure you save it. In either case, remember the name of the folder where you save the file so you can open it later without downloading again.
  2. Close your browser and open WORD. Go to the folder where you saved the downloaded file and open it.
  3. Place your textbook CD in your computer CD-ROM drive.
  4. Double click each CD icon found in the file to hear each excerpt.

Note: to hear these excerpts the textbook CD must be loaded in your CD-ROM drive.

As discussed in class, each excerpt is an example of a sound or musical process you should recognize and understand. Read the text so you know what you're listening for -- and then listen for it. Listen to each excerpt a few times and try to "memorize" the sound.

Don't hesitate to send me e-mail if you have any problems or questions.