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Latest News

Jan. 19 — Welcome to the Spring 2016 semester. May it be a good one – and not too cold!

Feb. 2 — Just a reminder - Tuesday is Monday on Feb. 16. No school Monday, Feb. 15, no class, Tuesday, Feb. 16.

Feb. 9 — No class next Tuesday. Next week Tuesday is Monday.

Feb. 16 — No class today. The school is on a Monday schedule.

Mar. 15 — Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope yours was a good one.

Mar. 15 — The "soft" due date for the Soundtrack Project is now March 24.

Final Projects

PowerPoint presentations will be shown in class starting April 19. All other work must be submitted by May 5.

Do Part A, mandatory for all, then choose one from parts B, C, or D.

Part A — Lesson Plan using PowerPoint

  1. Take a lesson plan you have already written or write a new lesson plan that incorporates PowerPoint into the presentation of the lesson.
  2. You must email a description of your lesson plan and presentation to JM before beginning work on them.
  3. The presentation must contain at least five slides in addition to a title slide.
  4. It must include several audio excerpts which you have created.
  5. It must include several graphics of music examples which you have created.
  6. The number of excerpts and graphics will depend on the objective of your lesson plan.

The PowerPoint presentation will be demonstrated in class for peer-assessment.

During this presentation you do not have to teach the lesson. Be prepared to do an overview of the lesson which should include brief descriptions of the following:

  1. Class
  2. Goal
  3. Objectives
  4. Environment/Materials
  5. Standards Addressed
  6. Prerequisite Behavior
  7. Exploration
  8. Assessment
  9. Closure

Ideas for Lesson Plans

  1. Types of scalces
  2. Types of chords
  3. Modes
  4. Instrument families
  5. Eras of Classical Music
  6. Forms found in a typical classical symphony
  7. Meter
  8. Dynamics marks
  9. Tempo marks
  10. Articulation
  11. Ear-training
  12. Name the chord type
  13. Name the Inversion
  14. Theme and Variation
  15. Analysis

Your completed lesson plan in standard lesson plan format and the folder containing your PowerPoint presentation material must be submitted in class by May 5. You should not email this PowerPoint presentation to the assignment address.

Remember to create your PowerPoint in the proper way so media inserted in the presentation is copied with the file. (We went over this in class.)

Part B — Sequencing Project (GarageBand or Sonar)

Complete a sequencing project of at least 24 to 32 measures in GarageBand with a minimum of 4 tracks and timbres. Parts should be input in real-time or step-record (not Notation view) and each track should include appropriate volume and pan settings.

The choice of music is yours. If you don't have a specific choice, you should sequence The Star Spangled Banner or God Bless America.

When your sequence is complete, submit two versions of your project - a GarageBand Archive Project (File > Save As) and an audio file (Share > Export Song to Disk). Ask JM for assistance.

Part C — Notation Project

Complete a final notation project of at least 24 to 32 measures in Finale with 4 or more instruments and staves. One transposing instrument is required.

Your score should include more than just the notes, i.e. appropriate dynamics marks, phrase marks, slurs, etc. must be included.

The choice of music is yours. If you don't have a specific choice, you can arrange a Bach Fugue for a quartet of your choice.

Note: before completing and printing this project, please consult with JM on formatting your score.

On completion, submit the full printed score and the first page of each part.

Part D — Audio Project (ACID or Sonar or GarageBand)

Talk to JM about the requirements of this part. There are a few possibilities from which to choose. Note: if working in GarageBand, the difference between this project and Part B is that this project should contain primarily audio files/loops - similar to the Soundtrack Exercise. In Project B the GarageBand sequence must include 4 tracks of software instruments (MIDI).