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Latest News

Jan. 19 — Welcome to the Spring 2016 semester. May it be a good one – and not too cold!

Feb. 2 — Just a reminder - Tuesday is Monday on Feb. 16. No school Monday, Feb. 15, no class, Tuesday, Feb. 16.

Feb. 9 — No class next Tuesday. Next week Tuesday is Monday.

Feb. 16 — No class today. The school is on a Monday schedule.

Mar. 15 — Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope yours was a good one.

Mar. 15 — The "soft" due date for the Soundtrack Project is now March 24.

Finale Demonstration Videos

These videos were done for previous courses but most of the content is still applicable to what we're doing with Finale

  1. Lyrics Tool - Typing into the Score
    (Note: this video was done in an older version of Finale where Word Extensions were added manually after entering the lyrics into the score. In later versions of the application (including the version we're using) Word Extensions are added automatically, although you might have to edit them manually at some point)
  2. Lyrics Tool - Just What Do Those Triangles Do
    (Also applicable to the Chords Tool)
  3. The Chord Tool
    (Different ways to input chords)
  4. Using Templates in Finale
    (Using the pre-built templates which come with Finale to quickly start a project)