Research Interests

Although my research can apply to a range of fields, it best fits within Behavioral Ecology. My research examines selection pressures that shape colors in nature. Most of my research focuses on avian colors, particularly eggshell color; however, I am not strictly taxon specific. For example, I work with birds, bees, fish, moths, butterflies, as well as flowers.

My research is ideally suited for students because it:
  1. concerns broad ecological and evolutionary questions,
  2. examines colors, which can attract students toward research,
  3. provides a tangible means to access complex biological concepts,
  4. is flexible enough in scope to encompass a broad variety of interests,
  5. applies to ecology, evolution, computer science, physics, and many oterh diverse areas.

My research is guided by natural history, but has three major themes:
  1. Perception
  2. Behavior
  3. Evolution

  4. Please see a short presentation below, that provides more details about my research program: