Linear Algebra
MTH 615

Fall 2017, LIU Post

Class Time: Monday 5:00p - 7:40p, Humanities 129.

Instructor: Dr. Corbett Redden. Corbett [dot] Redden [att] Office: Life Sciences 237. Phone 516-299-3487.

Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday 3:30p - 4:45, or by appointment.

Course webpage:


Homework Solutions:

Textbook: Linear Algebra (3rd edition) by Jim Hefferon. This is an open-source textbook, and you can download it freely at the above link. A nicely bound paperback copy can be purchased from Amazon for only $22. Please do not use the departmental printers to print the entire book (approximately 500 pages).

Mathematica: We will make regular use of the computer algebra software Mathematica. Details will follow on how to install Mathematica, use it, and electronically turn in assignments.

Grading Scheme:
Homework/Participation 20%
Quizzes 30%
Midterm Test 20%
Final Exam 30%

Homework: I will assign weekly homework. Most of the problems will be worked out on paper (with the aid of a calculator or computer if desired). Periodically, I will assign small projects to be completed with Mathematica.

Quizzes: There will be regular short quizzes covering the material from the homework that is due. These will be graded and returned the following week. The lowest quiz score will be dropped.

Midterm: There will be an in-class midterm test. The date will be announced soon.

Final Exam: The final examination will be CUMULATIVE, and will occur during the usual class time on December 18. The final will comprise 30% of your course grade, though the instructor reserves the right to count the final as an even higher percentage for those students whose final exam grade is better than their test average.

Attendance/Participation: You are required to attend class every week and be an active participant. While I will not keep rigorous attendance records, excessive absences or lack of effort will result in a lower final grade.

Official course description from the Graduate Bulletin: This course includes the study of real vector spaces, linear dependence and independence and bases. Linear transformations, matrices, determinants, and linear equations are also included. (3 credits)

Help: You are welcome to see Prof. Redden in office hours, by appointment, or to ask short questions via email. You are also encouraged to work with others on homework. Explaining concepts and techniques to fellow classmates is an excellent way for you to better understand them yourself.

Important Dates:
Sept 11 First class
Sept 19    Last day to add/drop or late register
Oct 9 Columbus Day. No classes.
Nov 10 Last day to opt for P/F or withdraw
Dec 11Last class
Dec 18 Final Exam