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March 19, 2014

How to Avoid Clipping in ACID

In ACID (and most other digital audio programs) if the numbers above the meters turn red your mix is too loud. Clipping is occurring.

Follow these instructions to avoid clipping:

Figure 1 - Avoiding Clipping

Figure 2 - Avoiding Clipping

Figure 3 - Avoiding Clipping

Remember - although you might not hear the sound being distorted, the clipping indicators tell you it’s occurring. Pay attention to them!!

November 27, 2012

Geo Synth (Moves Like Jagger)

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Here’s more information on Geo, an IPad synthesizer recently demonstarted in class. On the page you’ll find a link to the “Moves Like Jagger” video played during the demonstration.

The IPad and other tablets are fast becoming serious musical tools, especially in exploring new non-keyboard interfaces. This is going to get very interesting!!

September 18, 2012

If You Want to Install Audacity…

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If you want to install Audacity on your own computer, here’s what to do:

  1. Go to the Audacity Web site
  2. Download the version for your operating system. Follow the instructions to install
  3. Look at the optional downloads available and choose: 1) the LAME MP3 encoder if you want to create MP3 files; 2) the FFmpeg import/export library if you want to import/export files created in ITunes. The LADSPA plugins are also useful but download them only after you become familiar with the effects plugins that come with Audacity

If you’re not comfortable installing the application on your computer, tell me and we’ll go through the process in the lab. If you have a laptop, bring it to the lab and we’ll install it together

September 13, 2012

History of the Internet

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Here are a few links to view concerning the history of the Internet which was mentioned in our last class:

  1. Brief History of the Internet
  2. Hobbes’ Internet Timeline (a famous Web site that outlines how the Internet has grown)

As mention in class the World Wide Web is really just part of the Internet but it is so pervasive we think of “World Wide Web” and “Internet” as synonymous.

Here’s more on some other Internet protocols.

More on some of the terms related to Internet protocols mentioned in class: Archie, Veronica and Jughead

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