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February 8, 2007

So much stuff, so little time…

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There’s so much to learn in this area of using technology in teaching…

As we cover different things, it’s a good idea to keep things sorted by categorizing topics into the seven areas of music technology:

  1. Electronic instruments
  2. Music notation software
  3. MIDI/digital audio production
  4. Instructional software
  5. Telecommunications and the Internet
  6. Multimedia and digital media
  7. Information processing and lab management.

Right now, we’re working in areas 3, 4 and 5 — looking at Acid, using the Web, and creating instructional material (Powerpoint).

February 2, 2007

Ways to use the Net in your teaching

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Web sites/pages, blogs, podcasts, IM, e-mail, multimedia libraries (audio/video), instructional audio/videos, use of graphics, online testing, posting class notes/audio/video online after class, bulletins, groups discussion, etc.

[We put this list together in class on Friday, Feb. 2 as an example of using blogging software. In this example, this software, called WordPress, is installed on the local myweb server. If you want to try blogging yourself, try one of the free sites like]

February 1, 2007

Boy, technology can be so worthwhile…

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Can’t believe that this is actually on the Web.

I’ve known about the piece for years. Actually saw a performance live at a memorial for the composer when he died in the early 90s.

Now, it’s on the Web… in YouTube color.

Our first three classes

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Looking over our first three classes, I guess we could say we are in “overview” mode — where we are covering some basics and looking at some possibilities.

A lot of what we’ll cover this semester will have to do with “possibilities,” that is, what’s available in technology to use in your teaching and how to use these available tools.

It’s my job to show them to you and to train you in how to use them. My job is also to stimulate your imagination — to get you into what you’re doing.

(Actually, if I can stimulate your imagination and get you into this tech stuff, you’ll run with and I’ll have to keep up with you. Imagine a class where the students push teacher!!! Oops, getting too deep here…)

Anyway, welcome to Technology in Music Education, the Spring 2007 edition.

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