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February 15, 2008

Link Updated

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Here’s an updated link to the movie

Using Technology to Teach Classical Music

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Here are some ideas on using technology in teaching music.

Ok, your turn — time to start imagining how YOU will use technology in your teaching. (Imagine doing a video like the one linked to the above page!)

February 7, 2008

Okay, Which Area are We Working in Now?

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As we go through all these programs, concepts, skills and ideas, try to keep track of which area of music technology we’re working in at the time. This should help you keep better track of what we’re focusing on.

Again, the areas of music technology we’re dealing with are:

  1. Electronic Musical Instruments
  2. Music Production
  3. Music Notation Software
  4. Technology-Assisted Instruction
  5. Multimedia
  6. Productivity Tools, Classroom and Lab Management

Much of what we’ll be discussing will fall into multiple categories. For example, in talking about PowerPoint, Flash and multimedia, we’re working in categories 4 and 5 at the same time. And, if you were creating an original ACID file as soundtrack music for your work, you’d be involved in category 2 as well. (Everything ties together!)

Using PowerPoint or Flash to Create a Slide Show

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A Life Revealed is the Flash movie I mentioned last class — a story done in 2002 about finding a woman in Afghanistan whose picture was on the cover of National Geographic in 1985. It’s not only an interesting story, it’s a great example of using multimedia to teach — in the classroom and on the Web. Click on Sights & Sounds for the movie.

Closer to home — here’s an example of a simple slide show done in Flash. Here’s the same slide show with music.

Here’s another example of a Flash slide show which can be set to advance automatically. (Click on AutoPlay to turn auto advance on and Pause to return to manual advance.)

How could you use a slide show in your classroom? Whether you use Flash, PowerPoint or another application or “delivery system”, using pictures, text, narration, music or all at the same time, start thinking multimedia when developing lesson plans. Especially visuals!!

(Don’t worry, I’m not saying you have to learn Flash. Whew! What I want you to think about is how you would use the slide show concept in your teaching to deliver multimedia that could make you a more effective teacher.)

Client / Server

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We mentioned the terms “client” and “server” in the last few classes. Here’s some more information

February 5, 2008

What do you think of this?

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Thank you Audrey for this link.

How would you use this kind of music video presentation in the classroom? To teach a musical concept? To give students a chance to create and express themselves?

Here’s a music video/slide show I did a few years ago for Somewhere Over The Rainbow, arranged by Professor Becker. I did this to show what can be done with free software you can download from Microsoft called Windows Movie Maker. Also, I love the song, Professor Becker’s arrangement, and rainbows. :)
What do you think students would do if given a chance to create their own videos? (Maybe write their own music soundtrack in ACID?) Imagine what YOU could do! Hmmmm, maybe we should make this a project for the semester.
BTW, if you’re on a MAC, you won’t be able to view the movie unless you’re running Windows or have the MAC version of Windows Media Player installed.

February 1, 2008

Loop-Based Composition

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As we start to work with ACID, you may want to download and install a free version of the program on your PC. Check the Free Software section of our course home page for where to get it.

ACID is a PC-only program. If you use a MAC you should try GarageBand to get an idea on how loop-based composition works.

In either case, visit ACIDplanet to hear what others around the world are creating with ACID.

January 31, 2008

Internet Protocols

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Last class we talked about Internet addresses and protocols. We’ll come back to the topic later on, but for now here’s some information about two protocols mentioned: Gopher and FTP.

And to show you what Gopherspace looks like, here’s a link to a Gopher site. This link might not work in your browser because some browsers have removed support for the protocol. If the link does work, look at the address of the page. It looks strange, doesn’t it!

[Added after class]

Also, this would be a good place for you to check these items as well: History of the Internet, the History of the World Wide Web and the Internet Timeline

Some terms you should know

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Ok, there will be a lot of terms you’ll need to learn. Here’s a good starting list for now:

MIDI, General MIDI, Sequencer, Synthesizer.

Computer terms with which you should be familiar:

CPU, Processor, Processor Speed, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Peripheral

Just what do we mean by “Technology”

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Last class I mentioned we should define the word “technology.”

Here’s a good definition, “In education, a branch of knowledge based on the development and implementation of computers, software, and other technical tools, and the assessment and evaluation of students’ educational outcomes resulting from their use of technology tools.” From North Central Regional Educational Laboratory

More on the term “Technology”

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