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February 1, 2011

After Class » Coldplay Video

Filed under: MUS 1P, Spring 2011 — jmeschi @ 11:12 pm

We played the track in class as we practiced Intelligent Listening. Here’s a video of the song.

The video link will open in a new window/tab so you can watch it while you do a Practice Checklist (current list as of 2/2/11)

(Video link updated 10/11/11. Updated again: 12/30/11)

After Class » Brian Eno

Filed under: MUS 1P, Spring 2011 — jmeschi @ 11:04 pm

Musician Brian Eno came up in one of the sections of our course when we started talking about ambient music. Here’s some biographical information about him and a video of some of his music we listened to in class.

As you see from his bio information, he has worked with many different artists and his music spans many different style.

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