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March 30, 2011


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You read about NETS in our textbook and we’ll be discussing them throughout the remainder of the semester. Here’s more:

March 29, 2011

After Class » Connecting You Keyboard to Your Computer at Home

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There are several ways to connect your keyboard to your computer at home:

  1. In most cases you’ll need a MIDI interface. For most computers (except very old ones) a MIDI to USB cable will be the solution. Here’s the one we use in the Tech Lab - Uno - 1-In/1-Out USB Bus-Powered MIDI Interface. You can find it at most music stores, some computer stores, and online at stores like
  2. If your keyboard is fairly new it may have a USB connector. In this case a typical USB cable will do.

If you e-mail me the make and model of your keyboard and your computer I will help you determine which solution you should use.

March 24, 2011

After Class » Not Hearing Stereo in Your Headphones in the Lab?

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If you are not hearing both left and right channels in your headphones in the Tech Lab, check if the Split button is pressed in on the headphone controller box.

If this button is pressed in, only one channel will be sent to both sides of your headphones.

Always make sure the Split button is in the out position whenever wearing headphones on a workstation in the lab.

After Class » Getting Sound Effects

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Here’s a good site to get sound effects for your projects

After Class » SmartMusic

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One application we’ll look at in a few weeks is SmartMusic. Seeing it was mentioned in in class today I thought I’d post a link to its website. Take a look when you get a chance. You’ll find it very interesting if you’re not familiar with the application

March 3, 2011

After Class » Music Studio Applications

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After Thursday’s class, these two items came up in conversation:

  1. Soundation - an online (”cloud”) music application that allows you to work with audio loops. See what you think of it
  2. Mixcraft 5 - an inexpensive multi-track music studio application that let’s you work with MIDI, loops and audio

The first may be an interesting application to explore for several reasons - it’s free, online, and similar to ACID in that you’re working with audio loops.

As time goes on, so much will available in the “cloud” - even music creation apps.

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