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October 23, 2012

What is Your Musical Stereotype

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As I was looking for links on musical style for you to use to prepare the take-home essay on Quiz 2, I came across There are some excellent links on the site which should help you with your essay.

One of the links “What is your musical stereotype” caught my attention. The linked page begins, “You can usually learn something about a person by looking at what music they listen to.” Seeing later on in the semester I’d like to discuss some related topics (”Why do you listen to the music you listen to”, “Why do you love some styles and hate others”) I thought I’d find out my musical stereotype.

FYI, I entered, “Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beethoven, Led Zeppelin, Eagles” and found I’m a “StareDad” - “You text, e-mail and “Twitter” your kids asking if they remember your Facebook password. Once they remind you that it is “dadpassword”, you’ll seat them down and tell them about “simpler times”. Then you will probably encourage them to “get off the Nintendo and read a book for once.”

The above explanation is not quite true for me - I don’t have children and seldom forget passwords. But, if i did have kids I’m sure I would behave exactly like the description. (Yes, I’m old!)

Try it out - find your musical stereotype.

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