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November 27, 2012

Geo Synth (Moves Like Jagger)

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Here’s more information on Geo, an IPad synthesizer recently demonstarted in class. On the page you’ll find a link to the “Moves Like Jagger” video played during the demonstration.

The IPad and other tablets are fast becoming serious musical tools, especially in exploring new non-keyboard interfaces. This is going to get very interesting!!

November 12, 2012

Interpreting Lyrics

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Last class we went over the full Intelligent Listening Checklist and spent some time on the section on Lyrics and what to do to answer the question, “What is the song about”. (No, Rihanna’s song Diamonds is not about diamonds.)

During our discussion I mentioned a recent article I read about a web site that is dedicated to deciphering/interpreting hip hop lyrics. (Remember the discussion - “80 holes in your shirt: there, your own Jamaican clothes”?)

Here’s the article and the web site. A word of caution - judging from the article the site is controversial - be warned ahead of time about language and some possible offensive content.

Why Listening is So Much More Than Hearing

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Throughout the semester we’ve discussed Intelligent Listening and the differences between it and Passive and Connotative Listening.

Here’s an interesting article that discusses The Science and Art of Listening and how “listening” is so much more than “hearing.”

From our perspective - what we’ve discussed all semester - “hearing” is passive listening, “listening” is intelligent/active listening.

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