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February 5, 2008

What do you think of this?

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Thank you Audrey for this link.

How would you use this kind of music video presentation in the classroom? To teach a musical concept? To give students a chance to create and express themselves?

Here’s a music video/slide show I did a few years ago for Somewhere Over The Rainbow, arranged by Professor Becker. I did this to show what can be done with free software you can download from Microsoft called Windows Movie Maker. Also, I love the song, Professor Becker’s arrangement, and rainbows. :)
What do you think students would do if given a chance to create their own videos? (Maybe write their own music soundtrack in ACID?) Imagine what YOU could do! Hmmmm, maybe we should make this a project for the semester.
BTW, if you’re on a MAC, you won’t be able to view the movie unless you’re running Windows or have the MAC version of Windows Media Player installed.

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