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January 29, 2013

Define “Technology”

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In class we said that we would define “technology” in “Music Technology” as “the use of computers.” However we should broaden that definition to what is found in our textbook - anything that uses science to achieve a desired result.

From a recent homework assignment: “Technology is anything that uses science to achieve a result. Some historic examples that have made a positive impact on music are computers, keyboards, and speakers. Computers give us a world of information and applications to access new ways to teach, compose and play music. Keyboards can now plug into computers and the computer can pick up what is being played. It is also more convenient to bring with you when needed. A speaker can share music through out an entire room.” (Thank you, Jennifer.)

To see more definitions of the word, go to Google and search “define technology” (without the quotes.)

Remember the “define” search at Google. It’s a very handy tool. Here are other Google Search Features you might find useful.

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