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March 17, 2012

More on Google and Privacy

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More about Google and its new privacy policy

March 1, 2012

Google’s New Privacy Policy

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This topic came up in the 2 pm section today and I’m posting this link as a follow-up.

Yes, you should be concerned, but no Google hasn’t decided to change its policy of “Do No Evil.”

At the least you should be more aware of this new policy and the way it’s being reported if only to better recognize spin versus opinion versus fact. The web gives us access to so much of all three.

January 31, 2012

Are You Hearing All The Music?

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Here’s an interesting opinion.

If you’ve ever listened to vinyl recordings you have to wonder if he’s right.

After Class » Moves Like Jagger Follow-up

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Last class I showed you how I used the song Moves Like Jagger to teach some concepts in my current MUS 1P class. I also used it to find out just how many in the class knew how Jagger moves :-)

The point of showing you this was to remind you of the resources we have at our disposal on the Internet and the Web. (The World Wide Web and the Internet are not exactly the same thing. More on this in an upcoming class.)

When you’re browsing the Web always look for resources you might be able to use in your classroom. Maybe later in the semester we’ll collect some links from everyone in class and see what worthwhile teaching resources you’ve found on the Net.

Here’s the blog entry I posted for my MUS 1P students.

January 26, 2012

After Class » Moves Like Jagger

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Here’s the version of Moves Like Jagger we heard last class (Jan 25.)

Just how does Jagger move?

Well, the official video of the Maroon 5 version has some good examples. And - here he is with the Rolling Stones in Argentina in 1990 and 21 years later in a 2010 video with a group called SuperHeavy.

He was born 26 July 1943. He’ll be 70 next year.

Here’s more at Wikipedia and at his official Web site

January 17, 2012

Welcome to the Future - Vocaloids are Here!

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Let’s start the semester off with something new - Vocaloids!! Her name is Hatsune Miku and she’s one of many. Here are two videos of her performing: The World is Mine and The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku.

If we have time during the semester, maybe we’ll get a chance to look at the software used to create her vocals.

(BTW her band kicks!)

January 4, 2012

Tuesday Night Links

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Here are links to several items mentioned and/or discussed in class Tuesday night. The last link was mentioned in class last week:

  1. Tom Petty’s Don’t Back Down - the song we heard when discussing phrase analysis.
  2. When going over the practice quiz and how many semitones are in the octave, I mentioned other tuning systems and tried to play an example on my IPad. Unfortunately the example didn’t really give you a good idea of what microtonal music sounds like. Here’s a good example with some further explanation of this type of music.
  3. When discussing “making music”, not just playing everything correctly, I mentioned an amazing young soprano. Her name is Jackie Evancho and here’s the video of her duet with Sarah Brightman I mentioned.
  4. This last link is to a video I mentioned last week when talking about vocal quality of rock singers and how effective some are, even if they might not have “great” voices.

December 30, 2011

Friday Night Links

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Sheet Music for Clocks by Coldplay

As we discussed in class, in 1968 Jose Feliciano’s version of the Star-Spangled Banner caused quite a controversy. Here’s an audio version of the performance and more about the controversy.

More about Jose Feliciano

December 28, 2011

Links from Monday Night

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Here are some follow-up links from Monday night’s class:

Lyrics: Every Breath You Take, You Haven’t Done Nothing

Video: Every Breath You Take

December 7, 2011

So What Else Can Music Do?

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Take a look

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