Please let your students know about a publication opportunity that is available to them. The "call for submissions" presented below is directed toward them ---

Modern Psychological Studies (MPS) is a journal devoted to publishing research by undergraduates in Psychology. We seek high quality manuscripts for publication. MPS will consider manuscripts in any area of psychology. Although we are primarily interested in results from experimental research, we are also interested in theoretical papers, literature reviews, and book reviews. We encourage all undergraduates who feel their paper is exceptionally well written to submit it for publication.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Manuscripts must have an undergraduate as a primary/sole author. Works will be accepted by graduates if the work was completed as an undergraduate and no further work along the same lines has been completed at a graduate level.

2. Send original works only. Please do not send work that has been accepted for publication or been submitted elsewhere.

3. Manuscripts should follow strict APA format for article submission as found in the APA Publication Manual (Fifth Edition).

4. Please adhere to the following format(s):

Include three hard copies of the manuscript and one copy on a 3.5 diskette using Microsoft Word version 5 or 6, with a minimum of 12 point font; or Wordperfect with one copy saved as “normal” and one saved “without line breaks” (for conversion purposes). If the article is published we will need a diskette.

5. Include on a separate cover sheet:

Names of all authors. Name and address of your school. Name, phone, address (if other than your school) of your advisor for this project. Name, current phone, current address of primary author where you can be reached at all times. PLEASE INDICATE EMAIL ADDRESS

6. Include a sponsoring statement from your faculty advisor. (Advisors: please read and critique papers based on content, methods, APA style, grammar, and overall presentation. Your recommendation letter should be an indication that you approve and recommend this work on all counts listed above.)

7. Send submissions to:

Modern Psychological Studies
Department of Psychology - 350 Holt Hall
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
615 McCallie Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37403-2598



SUBSCRIPTIONS to MPS are also available at $20.00 per year.

Again, please share this announcement with any of your students who might be interested in submitting a paper. Contact Dr. Ross at the email address above for any additional information you might need about either MPS submissions or subscriptions.

I also will be happy to respond to any questions that you might have.

Paul J. Watson

Acting Department Head
Psychology Department
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga