$COSGMS group                              (optional)                           
    The presence of this group in the input turns on the                        
use of the conductor-like screening model (COSMO) with                          
molecular shaped cavity for closed and open shell HF, DFT,                      
and MP2.  Open shells may be high spin-restricted or any                        
sort of spin-unrestricted case.  The energy and/or the                          
gradient can be computed for each of these.                                     
    The implementation of the COSMO cavity has a limit of                       
about 150-200 atoms.  Like other limits in GAMESS, this can                     
be raised according to directions in the Programmer's                           
EPSI   = the dielectric constant, 80 is often used for H2O                      
         This parameter must be given, except for the                           
         perfect conductor approximation (see PRFCND).                          
PRFCND = perfect conductor approximation, sets EPSI                             
         equal to infinity.  Relevant only if EPSI is                           
         not given. (default=.FALSE.)                                           
COSRAD = the multiplicative factor for the van der Waals                        
         radii used for cavity construction. (default=1.2)                      
NSPA   = the number of surface points on each atomic                            
         sphere that form the cavity. (default=92)                              
DISEX  = parameter for the refinement of crevices                               
OUTCHG   select the method for the correction of the                            
         outlying charge error (OCE).                                           
       = DMULTI sets the multipole expansion method.                            
       = DBLCAV sets the double cavity method (default).                        
COSWRT = flag to generate the .cosmo output file, used as                       
         input to the COSMO-RS program, from the company                        
         COSMOlogic.  A replacement output source file is                       
         needed (full version of cosprt.src).  Users need                       
         to sign a special license agreement to enable this                     
         option, see http://ocikbws.uzh.ch/gamess                               
         COSWRT forces PRFCND=.T. and requires GBASIS=KTZVP                     
         and DFTTYP=BP86, because COSMO-RS is parametrized                      
         for use only with this specific setup.                                 
DCOSMO = flag to use the DCOSMO-RS method.  This requires                       
         reading in a supplementary .pot file, obtained                         
         by processing COSWRT's .cosmo output with the                          
         COSMO-RS software.  (default is .FALSE.)                               
COSBUG = flag to turn on debugging printout.                                    
     Additional information on the COSMO model can be                           
     found in the References chapter of this manual.                            

generated on 7/7/2017