$DAMPGS group            (relevant if $DAMP was given)                          
   This is a free-format, line by line input group that                         
sets the initial values damping functions used to screen                        
the multipole expansion.  A check run may be helpful in                         
listing the names of the expansion points that are chosen                       
by MAKEFP jobs.  Very often the input group contains only                       
type -1- lines, and only in its second form.                                    
    or    =                                              
This line gives the name of the expansion point, and how                        
many terms are in the damping function (always 1 at                             
present).  The second form of this line lets you equate the                     
current point to some previous point's values in $DAMPGS,                       
skipping line -2-.                                                              
The linear coefficient (usually 1.0) and exponent of this                       
term in the damping function.  Repeat -2-  times.                       
If not given, the starting exponent for atoms is 2.0, and                       
for bond midpoints, 4.0.                                                        
An example, for water, enforcing equivalent points, is:                         
 $dampgs                   or much more simply,                                 
O1 1                 since the left is default exponents,                       
  1.0  2.0                     $dampgs                                          
H2 1                          H3=H2                                             
  1.0  2.0                    BO31=BO21                                         
H3=H2                          $end                                             
BO21 1                                                                          
  1.0  4.0                                                                      
BO31=BO21            The "BO" is short for bond midpoint.                       

generated on 7/7/2017