$DIPDR group  (relevant for RUNTYP=HESSIAN if RDHESS=.T.)                       
   Formatted dipole derivative tensor, punched in a                             
previous RUNTYP=HESSIAN job.  If this group is omitted,                         
then a vibrational analysis will be unable to predict the                       
IR intensities, but the run can otherwise proceed.                              
$ALPDR group    (relevant for RUNTYP=RAMAN or HESSIAN)                          
    Formatted alpha polarizability derivative tensor,                           
punched by a previous RUNTYP=RAMAN job.  If both $DIPDR and                     
$ALPDR group are found in the input file, the applied                           
electric field computation will be skipped, to immediately                      
evaluate IR and Raman intensities.  This restart may be                         
most relevant for isotopic substitution.                                        
    If this group is found during RUNTYP=HESSIAN, the Raman                     
intensities will be added to the output.  You might want to                     
restart as RUNTYP=HESSIAN instead of RUNTYP=RAMAN in order                      
to have access to PROJCT or the other options available in                      
the $FORCE input group.                                                         

generated on 7/7/2017