$ELPOT group   (not required)                                                   
This group controls electrostatic potential calculation.                        
IEPOT = 0 skip this property (default)                                          
        1 calculate electric potential                                          
WHERE  = COMASS   - center of mass                                              
         NUCLEI   - at each nucleus (default)                                   
         POINTS   - at points given in $POINTS                                  
         GRID     - at grid given in $GRID                                      
         PDC      - at points controlled by $PDC.                               
OUTPUT = PUNCH, PAPER, BOTH (default), or NONE                                  
    This property is the electrostatic potential V(a) felt                      
by a test positive charge, due to the molecular charge                          
density, of both nuclei and electrons.  If there is a                           
nucleus at the evaluation point, that nucleus is ignored,                       
avoiding a singularity.  If this property is evaluated at                       
the nuclei, it obeys the equation                                               
     sum on nuclei(a)   Z(a)*V(a) = 2*V(nn) + V(ne).                            
The electronic portion of this property is called the                           
diamagnetic shielding.                                                          

generated on 7/7/2017