$FMM group      (relevant if QFMM selected in $INTGRL)                          
    This group controls the quantum fast multipole method                       
evaluation of Fock matrices.  The defaults are reasonable,                      
so there is little need to give this input.                                     
ITGERR = Target error in final energy, to 10**-(ITGERR)                         
         Hartree.  The accuracy is usually better than                          
         the setting of ITGERR, in fact QFMM runs should                        
         suffer no loss of accuracy or be more accurate                         
         than a conventional integral run (default=7).                          
QOPS   = a flag to use the Quantum Optimum Parameter                            
         Searching technique, which finds an optimum FMM                        
         parameter set. (Default=.TRUE.)                                        
If QOPS=.FALSE., the ITGERR value is not used.  In this                         
case the user should specify the following parameters:                          
NP     = the highest multipole order for FMM (Default=15).                      
NS     = the highest subdivision level (Default=2).                             
IWS    = the minimum well-separateness (Default=2).                             
IDPGD  = point charge approximation error (10**(-IDPGD))                        
         of the Gaussian products (Default=9).                                  
IEPS   = very fast multipole method (vFMM) error,                               
         (10**(-IEPS)) (Default=9)                                              

generated on 7/7/2017