$FMOEND group                 (optional, for FMO runs)                          
Dimer energies for restart jobs. The group should be taken                      
from a previous run.                                                            
The format is IFG, JFG and ILAY, followed by 2 dimer                            
energies, (E'IJ and Tr(deltaDIJ*VIJ)). IFG and JFG describe                     
the dimer and ILAY is the layer number.                                         
This group is optional for FMO restarts IREST=4 and is                          
otherwise ignored.  Note that for parallel restarts,                            
$FMOEND inputs from all nodes should be collected and                           
merged into one group.                                                          
$OPTRST group           (optional, for RUNTYP=OPTFMO)                           
Restart data for FMO geometry optimizations. The data                           
inside vary for each optimization method, and are supposed                      
to be taken from a previous run (from the punch file).                          

generated on 7/7/2017