$GAMMA group                  required if RUNTYP=GAMMA                          
This group governs evaluation of the 3rd derivative of the                      
energy with respect to nuclear coordinates, by finite                           
differentiation of Hessians (see $FORCE options).                               
NFCM  = n describes the amount of restart data provided.                        
          The default is n=-1, to evaluate everything.                          
          A value of n means that n+1 $FCM groups are to                        
          be read from the file (hessian #0 means the                           
          equilibrium geometry).  Restart data is read from                     
          a .gamma file, created by an earlier run.                             
DELTA = step size, default=0.01 Bohr                                            
PRTALL = flag to print full Hessian and Gamma matrix,                           
         the default is .FALSE.                                                 
PRTSYM = flag to print unsymmetrical Gamma elements,                            
         the default is .FALSE.                                                 
PRTBIG = flag to print large Gamma elements, default = .F.                      
$EQGEOM group      required if NFFLVL=2 or 3 in $CONTRL                         
The coordinates of the stationary point, where the hessian                      
and possibly 3rd derivative information was evaluated, in                       
exactly the format it was printed by RUNTYP=GAMMA.                              

generated on 7/7/2017