$GRID group     (not required)                                                  
    This group is used to input a grid (plane or cube) on                       
which properties will be calculated.  This group should be                      
given if WHERE=GRID in $ELPOT or $ELDENS.  This output will                     
be in the PUNCH file whenever OUTPUT=PUNCH or BOTH.                             
MODGRD    = 0 orthonormalize the grid vectors                                   
          = 1 normalize the grid vectors                                        
ORIGIN(i) = coordinates of one corner of the grid/cube.                         
XVEC(i)   = vector from ORIGIN to an adjacent corner "X" of                     
            the grid (or cube).  The XVEC direction need                        
            not be parallel to the X-axis of the molecule.                      
YVEC(i)   = vector to the adjacent corner "Y" of grid/cube.                     
ZVEC(i)   = vector to the adjacent corner "Z" of the cube,                      
            given if and only if MODGRD=1.                                      
SIZE      = grid increment in all directions (default 0.25)                     
UNITS     = units of the above five values, it can be                           
            either ANGS (the default) or BOHR.                                  
GRDPAD    = grid padding, like GRDPAD in $FMOPRP, but                           
            applied to non-FMO runs. Default: 0, which                          
            means padding is not used so one must specify                       
Two dimensional grids may be drawn with the graphics                            
program MEPMAP provided with GAMESS.  Several programs will                     
accept the 3-dimensional CUBE format.                                           
Note that MacMolPlt draws 2D and 3D density maps without                        
any need to pre-compute them inside GAMESS by this group.                       
User *must* input orthogonal XVEC/YVEC/ZVEC directions!                         

generated on 7/7/2017