$IEFPCM group                               (optional)                          
    This group defines data for the integral equation                           
formalism version of PCM solvation.  It includes special                        
options for ionic or anisotropic solutions.                                     
The next two sets are relevant only for anisotropic                             
solvents, namely IEF=1:                                                         
EPS1, EPS2, EPS3 =                                                              
        diagonal values of the dielectric permittivity                          
        tensor with respect to the laboratory frame.                            
        The default is EPS in $PCM                                              
EUPHI, EUTHE, EUPSI =                                                           
        Eulerian angles which give the rotation of the                          
        solvent orientation with respect to the lab frame.                      
        The term lab frame means $DATA orientation.                             
        The default for each is zero degrees.                                   
The next two are relevant to ionic solvents, namely IEF=2:                      
EPSI = the ionic solutions's dielectric, the default is                         
       EPS from $PCM.                                                           
DISM = the ionic strength, in Molar units (mol/dm**3)                           
       The default is 0.0                                                       

generated on 7/7/2017