$IVOORB group       (relevant if MOLIST=.T. in $CASCI)                          
In case the IVOs are not generated in the desired order,                        
this group can fully specify the orbital counts in each                         
irreducible representation.                                                     
line 1: NIRREP - gives the total number of irreps                               
line 2: NDIM, NCORE, NDOC, NUNOCC, NSING - for this irrep,                      
gives its total dimension, the number of core MOs in the                        
CASCI, and 3 parameters which define the active orbitals:                       
filled, empty, and singly occupied (0,1 only) in the                            
reference.  Repeat NIRREP times.  A 6 active e- example is                      
59 4 2 2 0                                                                      
26 0 1 1 0                                                                      
The input groups $CISORT, $GUGEM, $GUGDIA, $GUGDM, $GUGDM2,                     
$LAGRAN, and $TRFDM2 pertain only to GUGA CI, chosen by                         
either $CONTRL's CITYP=GUGA or $MCSCF's CISTEP=GUGA.                            
Equivalent values (using the same keywords) may be given                        
for determinant runs in $DET or $CIDET input groups.                            

generated on 7/7/2017