$LAGRAN, and $TRFDM2 pertain only to GUGA CI, chosen by                         
either $CONTRL's CITYP=GUGA or $MCSCF's CISTEP=GUGA.                            
Equivalent values (using the same keywords) may be given                        
for determinant runs in $DET or $CIDET input groups.                            
$CISORT group       (relevant for GUGA -CI- or -MCSCF-)                         
     This group provides further control over the sorting                       
of the transformed molecular integrals into the order the                       
GUGA program requires.                                                          
NDAR   = Number of direct access records.                                       
         (default = 2000)                                                       
LDAR   = Length of direct access record (site dependent)                        
NBOXMX = Maximum number of boxes in the sort.                                   
         (default = 200)                                                        
NWORD  = Number of words of fast memory to use in this                          
         step.  A value of 0 results in automatic use of                        
         all available memory.  (default = 0)                                   
NOMEM  = 0 (set to one to force out of memory algorithm)                        

generated on 7/7/2017