$MGC group          (note: requires RUNTYP=GRADIENT)                            
This group requests the Mean Gradient Charge calculation.                       
You can calculate MGC charges or pointwise gradient                             
MGCHRG             specifies the MGC calculation.                               
                   You can specify .TRUE. to activate                           
                   MGC routine. Default is .FALSE.                              
NPOINT             specifies pointwise Gradient Charge                          
                   calculations. If NPOINT.gt.0, then                           
                   pointwise Gradient Charges will be                           
                   calculated rather than MGC. Default                          
                   is 0. If NPOINT.gt.0, user should                            
                   provide the corresponding positions                          
                   of unit probe using CP.                                      
CP                 specifies the positions of unit                              
                   probe. So CP is an array of positions.                       
MGC does not support molecular symmetry, so use NOSYM=1 in                      
$CONTRL to turn symmetry off.                                                   
See: C. H. Choi, Chem.Phys.Lett. 524, 107-111 (2012).                           

generated on 7/7/2017