$MP2RES group            (restart data for DC-MP2 runs)                         
$CCRES group              (restart data for DC-CC runs)                         
    Restart data (consisting of subsystem correlation                           
energies) for Divide and Conquer correlation calculations.                      
The appropriately named input group is required if ISTCOR                       
is selected in $DCCORR.  The format of these two groups is                      
slightly different for DC-MP2 or DC-CC, but the data should                     
be given in exactly the same format that it was written to                      
file RESTART, adding only a $END line.                                          
    1  -0.133110332082E+00   0.000E+00  -0.133110332082E+00                     
    2  -0.130740147906E+00   0.000E+00  -0.130740147906E+00                     
    3  -0.130483660838E+00   0.000E+00  -0.130483660838E+00                     
    1  -0.135031928183E+00  -0.132440119981E+00                                 
    2  -0.132589691149E+00  -0.131009546477E+00                                 
    3  -0.132673391144E+00  -0.130832334600E+00                                 
    4  -0.133163592168E+00  -0.131377855474E+00                                 
The integer in the first line indicates the CC method.                          

generated on 7/7/2017