$SCRF group                                  (optional)                         
    The presence of this group in the input turns on the                        
use of the Kirkwood-Onsager spherical cavity model for the                      
study of solvent effects.  The method is implemented for                        
RHF, UHF, ROHF, GVB and MCSCF wavefunctions and gradients,                      
and so can be used with any RUNTYP involving the gradient.                      
The method is not implemented for MP2, CI, any of the                           
semiempirical models, or for analytic hessians.                                 
DIELEC = the dielectric constant, 80 is often used for H2O                      
RADIUS = the spherical cavity radius, in Angstroms                              
G      = the proportionality constant relating the solute                       
         molecule's dipole to the strength of the reaction                      
         field.  Since G can be calculated from DIELEC and                      
         RADIUS, do not give G if they were given.                              
     Additional information on the SCRF model can be                            
     found in the Further Information chapter.                                  

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