$TRANS group            (optional for -CI- or -MCSCF-)                          
                          (relevant to analytic hessians)                       
                        (relevant to energy localization)                       
     This group controls the integral tranformation.  MP2                       
integral transformations are controlled instead by the $MP2                     
input group.  There is little reason to give any but the                        
first variable.                                                                 
 DIRTRF = a flag to recompute AO integrals rather than                          
          storing them on disk.  The default is .FALSE.                         
          for MCSCF and CI runs.  If your job reads $SCF,                       
          and you select DIRSCF=.TRUE. in that group, a                         
          direct transformation will be done, no matter                         
          how DIRTRF is set.                                                    
    Note that the transformation may do many passes over                        
    the AO integrals for large basis sets, and thus the                         
    direct recomputation of AO integrals can be very time                       
 CUTTRF = Threshold for keeping transformed two electron                        
          integrals.  (default= 1.0d-9, except FMO=1.0d-12)                     
 IPURFY = orbital purification, like PURIFY in $GUESS.                          
        = 0 skip orbital purification before transform.                         
        = 1 perform purification once per geometry, for                         
            example, in the first iteration of MCSCF only.                      
        = 2 purify during every MCSCF iteration.                                
        The default is 0.  Use of 2 causes example 9 to                         
        take one more iteration to converge, due to the                         
        small upsetting of the orbitals between each                            
        iteration by this purification.  This option is                         
        useful if PURIFY in $GUESS at the initial geometry                      
        is insufficient purification.                                           
 NOSYM  = disables the orbital symmetry test completely.                        
          This is not recommended, as loss of orbital                           
          symmetry is likely to mean a calculation is                           
          turning into garbage.  It has the same meaning                        
          as the keyword in $CONTRL, but pertains to                            
          just the integral transform.  (Default is 0)                          
The remaining keywords refer almost entirely to the serial                      
integral transformation codes, not the distributed memory                       
 MPTRAN = method to use for the integral transformation.                        
          the default is try 0, then 1, then 2.                                 
          0 means use the incore method                                         
          1 means use the segmented method.                                     
          2 means use the alternate method, which uses                          
            less memory than 2, but much more disk.                             
 NWORD  = Number of words of fast memory to allow.  Zero                        
          uses all available memory. (default=0)                                
 AOINTS = AO integral storage during parallel runs.                             
          It pertains only to CPHF=MO analytic Hessians.                        
          DUP stores duplicated AO lists on each node.                          
          DIST distributes the AO integral file across                          
          all nodes.                                                            

generated on 7/7/2017