$TRURST group    (optional, relevant if RUNTYP=TRUDGE)                          
      This  group  specifies restart parameters for TRUDGE                      
runs and accuracy thresholds.                                                   
KSTART indicates the conjugate gradient direction in which                      
the optimization will proceed. ( default = -1 )                                 
     -1 .... indicates that this is a non-restart run.                          
      0 .... corresponds to a restart run.                                      
FNOISE accuracy of function values.                                             
Variation smaller than FNOISE are not considered to be                          
significant (Def. 0.0005)                                                       
TOLF accuracy required of the function (Def. 0.001)                             
TOLR accuracy required of conjugate directions (Def. 0.05)                      
    For geometry optimization, the values which give                            
better results (closer to the ones obtained with gradient                       
methods) are:  TOLF=0.0001, TOLR=0.001, FNOISE=0.00001                          

generated on 7/7/2017