$VEC group         (optional, relevant for all SCFTYP's)                        
                     (required if GUESS=MOREAD)                                 
      This group consists of formatted vectors, as written                      
onto file PUNCH in a previous run.  It is considered good                       
form to retain the titling comment cards punched before                         
the $VEC card, as a reminder to yourself of the origin of                       
the orbitals.                                                                   
      For Morokuma decompositions, the names of this group                      
are $VEC1, $VEC2, ... for each monomer, computed in the                         
identical orientation as the supermolecule.  For transition                     
moment or spin-orbit coupling runs, orbitals for states                         
one and possibly two are $VEC1 and $VEC2.                                       
$DM group      (relevant in Divide and Conquer runs)                            
     This group consists of a formatted density matrix,                         
read in exactly the format it was written.  See GUESS=DM,                       
and NDCPR in $DANDC.                                                            

generated on 7/7/2017