Community Service Activities

1. United Nations.  In 2016 I serve as a co-chair for the 66th DPI-NGO Conference in Korea.   In 2015 I became a DPI representative for LIU Post.  Since 2010, I have served as an ECOSOC representative for the International Society of Doctors for the Environment at the United Nations.  In 2011, I went to Bonn, Germany for the 64th Annual DPI/NGO Conference "Sustainable Socities Responsive Citizens," where I presented a paper on the importance of volunteerism for community health and well being.  I also organized a panel for the 65th Conference in NYC on Climate Change.

2. Climate Change.  While coordinating the "Long Island Climate Solutions Network," I served on the planning committee for  the United Nation's 60th Annual DPI/NGO Conference, entitled Climate Change: How It Impacts Us All. In 2008, I began working with Climate Caucus to build upon the 60th Annual conference work developed by global NGOs. 

3. Since 2008, I have served on Southampton Town's Sustainable Southampton Advisory Committee.  I served as one of the committee's co-chairs in 2013 - 2015.

4. Since 2010 I have coordinated  LIU Post's Sustainability Committee.   From 1997 to 2005, I was a co-director of LIU's Institute for Sustainable Development.

5.  I am a member of the Graduation Pledge Alliance's National Advisory Board.

6. Occupy.  In 2011 I have helped to coordinate Occupy Long Island and Occupy LIU Post activities.  I also co-wrote a Newsday story on this topic.

7. From many years, I have served as faculty advisor to LIU's environmental club, PEACE.

8. I previously serve on Suffolk County's Transportation Advisory Board and was an advisor to the East End's Five Towns Rural Transit  and a steering committee member of the Sustainable East End Development Strategies Project.

9.  In the past, I have served as an advisor to Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition and Prevention is the Cure on a variety of environmental health initiatives.

10. I am a past participant in Renew Community Earth, a Long Island sustainable education project emphasizing the need for a deeper non-exploitive relationship with our planet.  Renew Community Earth emphasizes experiential learning modalities and spiritual-scientific dialogues akin to Bioneers and IONS.

11. Older Media Releases:
Newsday, November 22, 2011. Opinion: Occupy sets goals on Long Island, by Scott Carlin and Peter Maniscalco
Newsday, December 3, 2007. "The Greening of the Suburbs" by Scott Carlin
Newsday, July 20, 2007.  “Harder rains will fall unless we change” by Scott Carlin
Newsday March 27, 2006.  "Reduce global warming, right here" by Scott Carlin
Group for the South Fork, Fall 2005 Newsletter, "Our Overstretched Energy Supply" by Kate Schertel.
Newsday, March 2005 Let's Teach Our Kids the Way of the Land by Scott Carlin and Peter Maniscalco