Bjorn Lomborg

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                  Howls from greens
                   The appointment of an eco-sceptic may mark a big change in
                   (From The Economist print edition) Mar 2nd 2002

                  Defending science
                   The fury inspired by a new book is extraordinary, and raises some
                   (From The Economist print edition) Feb 2nd 2002

                  Never the twain shall meet
                   Why do economists and environmental scientists have such a hard
                   time communicating?
                   (From The Economist print edition) Feb 2nd 2002

                  The litany and the heretic
                   Why has Bjorn Lomborg created such a stir among
                   (From The Economist print edition) Feb 2nd 2002

                  Doomsday postponed
                   A striking new book argues that the planetís environment is
                   (From The Economist print edition) Sep 8th 2001

                  The truth about the environment
                   Environmentalist... tend to believe that,
                   ecologically speaking, things are getting worse
                   and worse. Bjorn Lomborg, once deep green
                   himself, argues that they are wrong in...
                   (From The Economist print edition) Aug 4th 2001

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