With their energies, I strive.  With their curiosity, I pursue.  With their smiles, I live.
Current students
Natasha Green
M.S. Chemistry, “Electronic motion in
possible molecular diode” (2014
expected).  Currently, trained at
Board of Ed. of NY to become a math
Shinae Kim
B.S. Chem. Eng. Purdue University
Nonadiabatic barrier to the rotation
of π bonds
Chris Salnave
M.S. Biophysics, Univeristy of Illinois
Convergence of zero-point energies in VSCF
Some pictures
Past students
Sean Nedd
M.S. Chemistry, “Implementation of G3(MP2) method and drug transporting lipids” (Sept. 18, 2007).
Ph.D. from Iowa State Univ. (2012). Currently at Univ. California, Los Angeles as post-doc
William C. Howard
M.S. Chemistry,
“Harmonic and anharmonic molecular vibrations of simple molecules:  Prelude to molecular vibrations in large biological molecules” (2001).
Camille McLean(CHE4 Spring, 2000), B.A. Biology, 2002.  Spring 2001-Summer 2001.
Katarina (Bramgren) Antonstotter (CHE4 Spring, 2001), Summer 2001.  Currently a graduate student in Rheumatology and Inflammation at Goteborgs University, Sweden. Her web page!
Ricky Zhou
8th grade at Teaneck Community Charter School, Teaneck, NJ.  Summer, 2003, 2004.  Bergen Academies(2007), Hackensack, NJ: B.S. Computer Science, Carnegie-Mellon Univ. (2011): Currently employed by Google.
Amanda Lui
12th grader at Midwood High School, Brooklyn, NY.  Currently at NYU.
Elizabeth Eng
12th grader at Midwood High School, Brooklyn, NY.  Summer, 2003-present.  Currently at Columbia University.  
Quy Huynh, currently in Pharmacy program at LIU.
Jennifer Yoon, currently in Pharmacy program at LIU.