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Lecture Notes:
Backhouse Ch. 1 PDF
Backhouse Ch. 1 (PowerPoint)
Backhouse Ch. 2 (PowerPoint)
Backhouse Ch. 3 (PowerPoint)
Backhouse Ch. 4 (PowerPoint)
Backhouse Ch. 5 (PowerPoint)
Classical, Pre-Adam Smith
Adam Smith (PowerPoint)
Thomas Malthus (PowerPoint)
David Ricardo (PowerPoint)
Bentham, Mill, Dupuit (PowerPoint)
Early Socialists (PowerPoint)
Karl Heinrich Marx (PowerPoint)
Early Marginalists (Powerpoint)
Alfred Marshall (Powerpoint)
Irving Fisher (Powerpoint)
Thorstein Bunde Veblen (Powerpoint)
John Kenneth Galbraith (Powerpoint)
Behavioral Economics (Powerpoint)
John Maynard Keynes (Powerpoint)
Milton Friedman (Powerpoint)
Economics and Politics (Powerpoint)
Gary Becker
Rational Expectations
Game Theory (Powerpoint)
Econometrics (Powerpoint)

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ECO 54: History of Economic Thought

Instructor: Udayan Roy

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